American Bulldog Realities


*As with any breed, there are characteristics that make them well-suited for some homes and not for others.  


Obviously, we love them.  We've had them for 14 years.  They are a wonderful breed, but ownership requires more responsibility than your usual breeds.


The Good:

  • They are the epitome of loyalty.

  • They are intelligent.

  • They want to please you.

  • They will make you laugh.

  • They are usually great jogging, walking, and hiking partners.

  • With training, boundaries, and socialization, they make wonderful family dogs and working dogs.

The Necessary:

  • Training

  • Socializing,

  • Training some more.

  • Not treating your dog like a 'furbaby'

  • Using real collars and NO harnesses after puppyhood unless you are weight pull training.

  • Not waiting until a small problem in a puppy turns into a giant problem in 90lb adult dog.

The Realities

  • American Bulldogs are NOT white labs.  They are guardians, they are hunting dogs, etc.

  • Because they are a guardian breed, they can be territorial.  

  • The puppies can be like little piranhas.  They play hard, bite hard, and can be very vocal while playing.  They aren't trying to be mean and vicious...that's just how they play with their litter mates. They  need to be corrected and trained.  

  • They can be very dog dominant.  

  • They will often try to test their boundaries with you...which is why setting clear boundaries and training is important.  A good foundation as a puppy goes a long way!

  • They can be DOG AGGRESSIVE.  I cannot stress this enough.  Do not be's an aspect of the breed. They are not dog park dogs.

  • Dog aggression has nothing to do with being good with children.   They are completely unrelated.

  • While I recommend opposite sex pairs in homes with multiple dogs, there is no guarantee that they will always get along.